Firewall for Computer Security

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Computer systems are one of the biggest assets invented by humans. Today, in our lives computers play a vital role. Whether you are a student, a young man or woman working somewhere, or an old citizen enjoying your retirement computer has a lot of importance in everyone’s life. For a school going child, computer means a hi-fi world where he or she learns throughout the academic career as well as also use it for entertainment purposes. On the other hand, an adult uses computers for doing tasks which require mechanical efforts.

Computers have made our life easy and entertaining. You can watch a video, listen to songs, play games, and do a lot more things on a computer system. A computer basically consists of some hardware parts that can be touched and some software which are installed on the computer system. The software runs all the programs in the computer system. But, sometimes due to different reasons a hardware or software may not work properly. In that case, you need to consult an expert for technical help. If the problem is minor then you can fix it by yourself but if the problem is a major one then you need the help of a computer expert.

However, if you have the Firewalls installed in your computer system, you don’t need to consult any technician in order to fix the problem. A firewall basically acts as a security agent in your computer system and protects your computer from different types of viruses. Whenever, your computer comes in contact with a defective device or you open any link that contains virus, the virus gets transferred into your system. And, firewall doesn’t let the virus to enter your system. Therefore, you can connect whatever device you want to connect.

All You Need To Know About DPI-SSL and Its Implementation

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Protecting your data, devices, and networks from security breaches require the incorporation of various security solutions. Encrypting your data is part of these solutions. Most people prefer encryption because of its reliability. However, even though it is one of the most efficient security solutions, it also poses a threat to the security defense of your entire network and device system. This led to the creation of DPI-SSL, which aids in the reduction of threats within encrypted channels.

DPI-SSL stands for Deep Packet Inspection of Secure Sockets Layer traffic. Most encryption traffic is under the Transport Layer Security Encryption type. Nevertheless, they both work to achieve the same goals, which are data decryption, followed by figuring out what actions t perform on the data, and proceeding to send it to its preferred destination.

How Does The DPI-SSL Work?

The DPI-SSL uses an intermediary mode of encryption and decryption. It acts as the intermediary and receives data before it reaches its destination. It proceeds to encrypt the data and analyze it, before re-decrypting it and sending it on its way. This action takes place for all the data packets, as they move back and forth. Most businesses opt for this security method because:

  • It regulates the amount of network traffic for the maximization of business applications
  • It blocks specific traffic from accessing their network
  • It prevents other malicious individuals from blocking the access of their content by their targeted end-user; this is made possible through the intermediary encryption function of the DPI-SSL. This thorough encryption mode makes the act of blocking sites easier.

The requisites for implementing this encryption solution to your system are:

  1. Firewall support

Your firewall should be capable of supporting the entire decryption and encryption process. This means that it should have a higher processor power in comparison to that which is available for other encryption methods. For accuracy o the exact processing power needed by your system, you will need to seek the aid of an expert who will assess your network traffic.

  1. Creation of legitimate digital certificates

After creating a digital certificate, you will need to install it into all versions of your user browsers. This process is not as complex as it sounds. This creates a sense of trust between the browser and the DPI-SSL, which allows easy flow of information.

What Are The Benefits Of Applying DPI-SSL?

DPI-SSL improves the security of your system and network by:

  • It increases the malware detection properties of the system firewall.
  • It focusing on the content management properties of the network, thus regulating the data viewed and used by the end-users.
  • It helps in the bandwidth management of the streamed content by end-users

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